Infant Program

At Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields, infants are cared for in a responsive environment that reinforces the warmth, security and love they are used to receiving at home.

Baby playing in grass with blocks
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An infant’s needs in the first year of life require caregivers who are warm, dedicated and attentive. Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields understands this and assigns a primary caregiver who is responsible for the child’s daily care.

Healthy development is fostered in a trusting relationship established between each child and the primary caregiver. This loving, responsive teacher strives to be in tune with each infant’s unique cues and needs and works in partnership with the family to ensure consistent care. Through gentle words and warm, engaging, individual attention a trusting reciprocal relationship is formed. A report is sent home each evening with information concerning the child’s activities, meals, naps, diaper changes and overall disposition.

Yes, even Infants are educated at Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields! Caregivers design a weekly activity plan for each child. Colorful pictures, puppets, stories, and engaging songs and rhymes encourage the child’s physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Parent conferences are conducted twice a year. However, parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit our light bright classrooms and discuss their child’s progress. We collaborate closely with parents to ensure your infant develops a healthy sense of trust, is stimulated by his activities, and surrounded by a sense of security and love.

Thanks for being so great! K. is learning and growing so much!

Emily H.

Day In The Life Of An Infant At Salem Village Academy At Salem Fields

Primary care is the center of our Infant program. Care is balanced between times for meeting the infant’s personal needs for eating, sleeping and diapering, and times for exploration of developmental “play” environment. Every baby at Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields is unique, and the schedule is driven by his or her individual needs. So a typical day may vary for each child.


Arrival Time

As the parent and child arrive, a warm and loving caregiver greets the infant. During this time, the teacher puts the child’s food away while the parent fills out their part of the daily sheet. Parents communicate to the caregivers important changes and updates for the child’s day.


Morning Activities

An infant’s morning is spent exploring. Primary Caregivers schedule uninterrupted times for play and interaction. Infants are encouraged to grow and learn in an environment that changes according to their individual developmental level. Morning activities range from reading books, free play, music, sensory and gross motor activities, and interaction with other babies.



Infants are fed according to their needs, with instructions from their parents. 


Afternoon Times

Infant’s are taken outside twice a day. They may take a “walk” and enjoy the fresh air in specially made infant buggies or they may spend time on Salem Village Academy infant playgrounds, equipped with age appropriate toys and equipment. An infant’s day continues with gentle stimulation activities such as interaction with other infants, playing with their primary caregiver and gross motor activities such as crawling.



As the parent arrives in the afternoon, caregivers share with parents, details of their child’s day and any developmental milestones achieved during the day.

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