Toddler Program

Focusing on the developmental needs of toddlers, Salem Village Academy at Salem Field’s Toddler program is designed for the growing energy and curiosity of children ages 12-24 months old.

toddler playing with car
toddler painting

These children have developed walking and exploration skills and through our indoor play equipment, soft play areas, pull and push toys, and large manipulative materials enable the toddler to explore his/her world in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

A primary caregiver is assigned to each child and is responsible for the child’s daily care, as well as his/her weekly educational program. The caregiver selects activities that will enhance the child’s language, intellectual and emotional development and his/her large and small motor skills. A report of the child’s activities and personal needs is sent home daily. Parent conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring. However, parents are encouraged to visit the toddles’ classroom and observe their child learning and having fun.

Thank you all, each and every one of you for making M. and H. feel very much at home.

Stephanie M.

Day In The Life Of A Toddler At Salem Village Academy At Salem Fields


Arrival Time

A Primary Caregiver helps the child transition from home to school and warmly welcomes toddlers and their families. This is also a time for teachers and families to connect and share information about the child’s previous evening.



Breakfast for Toddlers will include aspects of Family Style Dining that help build fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination, and language development. The children return to play as they are finished.


Circle Time

Toddlers cerate music, sing and dance and through these activities they learn to develop language skills, make decisions, be creative and practice thinking skills.


Interest Areas

Interest Areas are times of the day when Toddlers are engaged in “hands on” experiences from their individual lesson plans with their Primary Caregiver or exploring on their own.


Story Time

Interested children gather to hear a story and participate in a related follow-up activity.



Family Style Dining is encouraged in our Toddler Rooms. Children are encouraged to serve themselves. Primary Caregivers sit with children and assist them as needed.


Naptime & Outdoor Time

Outdoor play is offered at least twice a day. Outdoor time allows Toddlers to use their bodies to build on skills like running, tossing a ball, and climbing.


Snack Time

A healthy snack is provided in the afternoon for the children. Children are encouraged to serve themselves.


Interactive Play

Children are engaged in enhanced learning activities during interactive play.



As children go home, teachers greet parents and share information about the child’s day, milestones reached and moments shared.

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