Childcare Checklist

Initial Impressions

  • Is your initial reaction a positive one?
  • Is this a place your child would enjoy?
  • Would your child be safe here?
  • Is the environment pleasant (sights, smells, sounds)?
  • Did the Director take time to meet with you herself?
  • Were you introduced to the staff and given a tour of the school?
child smiling and using scissors
kids exploring a globe

Curriculum and Programs

  • Are Lesson Plans posted?
  • Is the curriculum research-based?
  • Do the children seem occupied and engaged?
  • Are the children involved in learning activities?
  • Does the curriculum prepare the children socially and emotionally as well as academically?

Culture and Care of the Children

  • Does the center allow for infants to follow their own schedules based on their feeding, sleeping, rhythms, etc.?
  • Is Primary Care offered in Infant and Toddler rooms?
  • Are the toys sanitized daily?
  • Does the school respect the language, culture, and values of the families in the program?
  • Does staff seem patient and receptive to the children’s needs?
diverse children smiling for the camera

Management, Staff and Supervision

  • Are background checks completed on staff?
  • What qualifications do staff members hold?
  • Are children supervised at all times?
  • Does staff communicate daily with parents?
  • Is there an open door policy?
teacher with kids
kids playing with blocks

Facility and Classrooms

  • Is the school licensed?
  • Is the school clean?
  • Do the classrooms have appropriate lighting?
  • Does the building seem well maintained?
  • Is there plenty of space for the children to play?
  • Are the toys age appropriate?
  • Is the classroom well stocked with supplies/toys/learning materials?

Outside Areas

  • Do the children have an opportunity to play outside daily?
  • Are there separate age appropriate playgrounds?
  • Is the outdoor play equipment sturdy and in good repair?
  • Are children being supervised by the child care provider?
  • Is there an outside area with plenty of shade?
  • Are outside learning environments available?
  • Are the teachers interacting with the children while they are outside?
kids playing outside on playground

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