Preschool Two

When it comes to Fredericksburg Preschool Two Programs, Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields Preschool Twos program stands above the others by focusing on developing a natural curiosity and takes the child to another level of learning.

boys looking at books
kids coloring

Our primary curriculum source for teaching language and listening skills is More Story Stretchers. Children begin to recognize their name in written form and develop social skills through interaction. Math concepts are taught through the Count On Math curriculum, where children learn math skills by interacting with a variety of manipulative toys. Our classrooms are designed for exploration enabling a child to build with blocks and other materials, pretend in the home living area, paint a masterpiece, and explore books. Coming together for music and songs, science, story time and poetry, these preschoolers develop confidence in being part of a group.

Thanks for all you do everyday to care for and teach our boys. It is great to know they love you all like family when our real family is so far away!

E. Jurgilanis

Day In The Life Of Preschool Two At Salem Village Academy At Salem Fields


Arrival Time

Center Play is available as the children gather until breakfast is served.


Circle Time

Children sing a song, recite a poem, enjoy a fingerplay, or join in a movement activity.


Learning Center Time

Learning Center time with child facilitated activities. Centers include: home living/dramatic play, blocks, sensory and water, Science, Math, art, table toys, a book school and computer area.


Group Time

Hands on experiences related to skills and concepts.


Outdoor Play

Preschoolers go outside at least twice a day to enjoy our large creative playgrounds.



Family style dining is offered where children assist in the table preparation, service and clean up.


Story Time

A featured story usually related to the theme of the week.



Children are offered time to rest or take a nap.


Transition Activities/Snack

Children transition from nap time through activities. Snack is provided.


Learning Center Time II

Learning Center time with child facilitated activities. Centers include: home living/dramatic play, blocks, water sensory, table toys, a book school, a computer area, and academic centers for exploring Science, Math, and Art.



Parents are greeted upon arrival, transition from activities provided.

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