Pre Kindergarten Program

Salem Village Academy at Salem Fields’ Pre-Kindergarten Program provides the final learning stepping stones to kindergarten readiness.

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Children are provided with the skills, experiences and concepts necessary to launch them into a successful school career. Items contained in the Virginia Department of Education’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning are included in the curricula and assessment instruments used by the teachers. Particular emphasis is given to reading, writing and math readiness as children participate in several group times throughout the day that include components of each.

Our primary curriculum source for teaching language and listening skills is More Story Stretchers. Children begin to recognize their name in written form and develop social skills through interaction. Math concepts are taught through the Count On Mathcurriculum, where children learn math skills by interacting with a variety of manipulative toys. Our classrooms are designed for exploration enabling a child to build with blocks and other materials, pretend in the home living area, paint a masterpiece, and explore books. Coming together for music and songs, science, story time and poetry, these preschoolers develop confidence in being part of a group.

Thanks for all you do everyday to care for and teach our boys. It is great to know they love you all like family when our real family is so far away!

E. Jurgilanis

Day In The Life Of Preschool One At Salem Village Academy At Salem Fields



Center Play is available as the children gather until breakfast is served. If weather permits, the children will play outside to expend their energy.


Circle Time

The day begins with music and movement, Pledge of Allegiance, singing, poetry and fingerplays. A song or poem in Spanish is also featured once a week.


Group Time One – Language & Literacy

Gathering a small group of children to explore stories to help the plot and characters become vivid to the children. Teachers expand upon these concepts through theme activities.


Outdoor/Indoor Gross Motor Play

The children participate in physical gross motor play with equipment to help develop their movement.


Group Time Two – Mathematics & Science

Math concepts are introduced through exploration of concrete and tactical experiences. Science is learned through hands on exploration.



Family style dining helps the children to learn social etiquette and manners to help foster long lasting life skills.


Story Time

Story time is used to enhance their imagination and creativity in a group setting.


Nap/Rest Time

Children are offered time to rest or take a nap.


Transition Activities/Snack

When the children awake, they are offered a nutritious snack. Children often write in their journals to express what they have learned throughout the morning or an important event at home.


Group Time Three – Social Competency

Al’s Pals curriculum is introduced through character Al and his buddies to the children. Self-awareness, social skills, community and cultural awareness are topics discussed in the classroom.


Outdoor Play

Outside time is again offered for the children to play on the age-appropriate equipment.


Interactive Play/Departure

Children continue to explore concepts presented throughout the day. Staff are available to greet parents and assist in transitioning children from center activities to their home.

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